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7 Day Social Media Bootcamp

for the Beauty Industry

to grow your Brand

How are you showing up on social media? Are you struggling to know what to post? Are you being consistent? Are you adding value daily? Are you posting amazing content that stands out from other salons in your area? Have you Branded yourself so that your social media is aligned with your brand? Or are you like most salon owners struggling to be consistent, not knowing what to even post, struggling to just get through the day of all the responsibilities that you have on you?
That was so me Struggling feeling like I was drowning in all the responsibilities that I had daily. That is why I love to share what I have learned over the years to make someone elses life easier.
Social Media is so much more than just throwing a post-up, a before and after’s up, and just putting up about your products. You definitely cannot show up like you even did before COVID-19 you can’t act like the entire country is shut down and people are struggling in many ways. 

Social Media is over saturated with the same exact post, over and over again and you definitely can not show up on Social Media like you did before COVID-19! Here is a week worth of post that will get you engagement and wanting your audience wanting more.

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About Us

Karen Hardee is a seven-figure salon owner, a Platform Color Artist, #1 salon in her area, featured in many articles for her leadership, published in the Beauty within You book along with many other top leaders in our industry, also one of the Top 200 Fastest Growing Salon in North America. and also a wife and mom.
She shows salon owners how to step out of their comfort zones and mentors them in bettering their business & mindset to create the life they have dreamed of, drawing from her 28 years of experience owning a salon and taking it to being one of the Top 200 Fastest-Growing Salons in North America.

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