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Are you looking for new ways to Market your Salon?

If you are wanting New Ideas to Bring High Paying Clients into your Salon I want to share these Ten Marketing Strategies I used to grow my Salon not only to a 7 figure salon but also one of the Top 200 Fastest-Growing Salons in North America.

I am sure you are like most salon owners start their salon because they either don’t want a boss, they believe they could do it better than their boss, or they have a dream of providing an amazing environment for hairstylists like themselves. Most dive headfirst into the deep end—and it’s sink or swim. Am I getting warm?
Hello, I am over here raising my hand!! That is me to all of the above. I get it because I have been there!
I am extremely passionate about helping other salon owners and stylists navigate the beauty business and build the salon business they always dreamed of having. 

Here are just a few Marketing Strategies I have used.

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About Us

Karen Hardee is a seven-figure salon owner, a Platform Color Artist, #1 salon in her area, featured in many articles for her leadership, published in the Beauty within You book along with many other top leaders in our industry, also one of the Top 200 Fastest Growing Salon in North America. and also a wife and mom.
She shows salon owners how to step out of their comfort zones and mentors them in bettering their business & mindset to create the life they have dreamed of, drawing from her 25 years of experience owning a salon and taking it to being one of the Top 200 Fastest-Growing Salons in North America.

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