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Are you looking for new ways to get MORE Guest for your Salon?

If you need fresh & proven ideas to Bring NEW Guest into your Salon I want to share this valuable Little Known Secret I used to grow my Salon not only to a 7 figure salon but also one of the Top 200 Fastest-Growing Salons in North America.

   I am sure you are like most salon owners that open their salon, that You wanted to create the salon of your Dreams, to create an enviroment that people flocked to. Perhaps you had a passion to create a culture where your team will thrive and grow to be the amazing artist they were created to be.  Maybe you just never wanted to have a Boss that you wanted to always be the leader. Now that you have been in the business awhile or just a newie it seems a little over whelming with all the hats you wear as a salon owner. Not to mention all the other responsibilites we have such as a mom, wife, taking care of parents, cleaning our homes, laundry, uber for our kids, the list can go on and on.  Most of us don't think about it all we just dive headfirst into the deep end—and it’s sink or swim.  Does any of this sound a little familar? Am I getting warm?
   I am over here raising my hand!! That was me to all of the above. I get it, I know that overwhelming feeling of how am I going to do it all and be successful.  I have been there I have struggled, I have wonder how in the world am I going to get these chairs filled, I have sat crying on the floor of my salon wondering what in the world am I doing wrong. I seen other salon owners being extremely successful and wonder what it was they were doing different then I am. I knew I was created to lead a team I knew this was what I was created to do. Heck God put that downlaod in me when I was about 10 years old. But inspite of all the knowing I was struggling to balance it all. Once I finally pulled up my big girl panties and realized at the age of 23 I didn't know everything so I hired a coach, created systems, strategies, and tapped into my leaderships skills that grew my salon into one of the Top 200 Fasted Growing Salon in North America.
  I am extremely passionate about helping other salon owners and stylists navigate the beauty business    and build the salon business they always dreamed of having. If all of the disappopintments, learning experiences help just one person They were totally Worth It.

+ FREE Guide included: "How To Create A Salon Ambassador Program"

Here is the secret that helped me the most.

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About Us

Karen Hardee is a seven-figure salon owner, a Platform Color Artist, #1 salon in her area, featured in many articles for her leadership, published in the Beauty within You book along with many other top leaders in our industry, also one of the Top 200 Fastest Growing Salon in North America. and also a wife and mom.
She shows salon owners how to step out of their comfort zones and mentors them in

bettering their business & mindset to create the life they have dreamed of,

drawing from her 28 years of experience owning a salon and taking it to being one of the

Top 200 Fastest-Growing Salons in North America.

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