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I coach Driven Salon/Suite Owners
& Stylist that want to bust through the
6 Figure mark to a 7 Figure Salon Business by
empowering them to define their purpose,
build their leadership skill, create a business
plan designed for their business, reduce the overwhelm,
and create a life they
Dreamed of.


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Do you ever just feel overwhelmed? Feeling like there is just not enough hours in a day? I get it, friend that was me!

I am sure you are like most salon owners or stylist, you wear many hats your not only a business owner trying to build your Dreams but you may also be spouce, mom or dad, taking care of an elder parent on top of wearing the many hats of being a business owner. It's so easy to feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders and that the problems that you face in your salon are unique. That you are the only one spinning your wheels, trying to over come or breakthrough the challenges you face.

Do some of these challenges sound familular: finding talented stylist, increasing profits, growing your revenue, attracting the clientele you
Dream of, then retaining them, managing and motivating your staff, marketing, building stylist books to only have them move to a booth rental salon, creating social media that attracks the following you want. and just trying to find balance in your life, wondering if any of this is worth all the hassle.

Have you faced any of these challenges in your salon? What if I told You there was a Better Way. What if you could truly have the salon business that you Dreamed of? What if you could attract you ideal guest ? What if you could have finacial freedom, a successful profitable salon, that also pays you as an owner, more time with your Favorite people, and the freedom to do all the things you love? 
Would You want that kind of  Success and Freedom?


Bussiness Stratratigies

Let me ask you a question: Who taught you how to run your business, whether you are a salon owner or a stylist, you have a business? For most, the answer is, no one! Most salon owners start their salon because they either don’t want a boss, they believe they could do it better than their boss, or they have a dream of providing an amazing environment for hair stylists like themselves. Most dive head first into the deep end—and it’s sink or swim. Am I getting warm?

 Hello I am over here raising my hand!! That was me to all of the above. I get it because I have been there!

I am extremely passionate about helping other salon owners and stylist navigate the beauty business and build the salon business they always dreamed of. I will partnering with You and creating a plan for you and your business. If you would like to learn how you can work with me with one on one coaching click below and let set up a time to chat.

Enjoy a few Free Resources
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bring your
Salon Brand and Business
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   I am on a Mission to help other Salon/Suite Owners& Hairdressers


 create  the Salon Business they Dream of. Creating a business

created around their life!! 


 Hi Friend,  I am passionate to help you reach your business goals faster and to share my 28 years as a salon owner to help speed your growth in your business.

The Salon Success Revolution is an online coaching program that will give you the tool and strategies to build your Salon Business around your Dream Life, not build your life around your business. I will share with you the stategies and tools that took my business from struggling wondering what in the world am I doing, wondering is any of it worth it, to creating a Salon Business that generates 7+ figures, named one of the Top 200 Salon and Fastest growing Salon in North America.  I will shared tools and  business strategies, so you can fill your life with the abundance and success you deserve.

This past year and a half has just been hard on our industry. My heart has just broke with how our business has been effected with the pandemic, with our salons being closed and our guest scared to come in the salon.

My heart has just went out to all the woman, to all the mama's, wondering how in the world are they going to support their families, how are they ever going to make up the money that has been lost. how are they going to run their business and work when they have to be home to teach their children because schools are closed. My heart goes out to the salon owners that just watched their salon collapse and were forced to close their doors forever, because they simply didn't have enough saved to keep the salon gowing when their was no money coming in.


The hard truth is non of us could have ever been prepared for what 2020 brought to the salon industry, however, some of us slept a little better at night because we stepped into our finacial powers and created a solid business with profit and created a finacial plan for situations that were not in the plan. But for most, this is easier said then done.

Stepping into a higher levels of success, a life filled with balance, releasing the overwhelmed state, truly owning the leader you were created to be, having the freedom of time to do what fills your heart with joy, having finacial security and creating the salon you absolutly love owning. Most Salon/Suite Owners or stylist never experience this kind of success.

My mission is to help You Create your Dream Life and Salon. 

That’s why Salon Success Revolution exists:

I am here to help you remove your blocks, uplevel your purpose, fulfill your wildest potential, and become the Salon Owner Queen that You were created to be. 

My Friend, if that’s you, you’re going to LOVE what we have next for you…

Click show me more and lets explore everything we have for you. 

10 Marketing Ideas to bring your ideal G

10 Marketing Ideas
 to Bring Your
Ideal Guest to the
Salon, Suite,or Chair


Create the Life and Business you have always Dreamed!!

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